Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Polka face: What Sara Wore

Green blazer: Topman Sale / Grey jumper (worn as dress): Charity shop /
Polka dot shirt: Charity shop / Black loafers: Garage Shoes / Gold chain: Charity shop / 
Black skinny belt: ASOS / Black satchel: Vintage boutique 

You only have to look at Marc Jacob's and Sonia Rykiel's AW/11 collections to realise that polka dot print is another huge trend this season, so when I saw this oversized, white shirt in a local charity shop yesterday, I made the £2 investment (big spender, eh?).
I have been going a little charity-shop-mad as of late, and I suppose the dirt-cheap pricing and recyclable nature of thrifting is what appeals to me. It's not the greatest feeling when you find a diamond amongst a hell of a lot of junk, and you're greeted with a strange smell that can only suggest - "yep, somebody died in this". But hey, that's why washing machines are for, right? 

If you're not quite ready for hologram skirts, buy a simple piece like a shirt or blouse, or go all out velvet/spot chic. Just inject a little polka print into your wardrobe this Winter. 

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ps Ridiculous hemlines are just how I roll, and I was wearing shorts. 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Velvet, print + denim: What Sara Wore

Levi's denim: Free (hand-me-down) / Printed top: Charity shop / 
Velvet leggings: eBay / Chelsea Boots: Faith (Autumn '10) / 
Necklaces: (click the link to find out)

Trend: Velvet 
I adore velvet for the Autumn/Winter months, and leggings are such a simple item to throw on for a casual look, or dress up with heels.

This outfit is a little bit of everything I love; I'd like to call it an eclectic mix of my personal style that incorporates some of the key A/W11 styles. Let's just call it a little bit bonkers. 

I recently started college and have been ravenously scouring every corner of my local charity shops for bargains. My favourite purchases so far have been a snakeskin print scarf, scallop-detailed sheer cream blouse, the top featured above, and lo-and-behold - another black, sheer, floral top. I probably sound a little like a broken record, but sheer material is so classic when styled correctly. 
Minus the Chelsea boots I bought for around £80 in Faith at Debenham's last year (which are a big trend for this Winter), my outfit in its entirety cost around £15. Now that my friends, is real bargain hunting.
These leggings fit like a glove whilst remaining opaque: transparent leggings are a fashion sin. In fact, screw fashion - there should be a law against see-through leggings. Anyway, I have worn these badboys to absolute death since they arrived on Tuesday, so for comfort and style I recommend investing in a pair. 

Minimalism is for the faint-hearted - try clashing a few trends.

ps My cat Spingo decided to intrude on this particular little 'shoot', she's such a camera whore. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Get your kit off, it's the NAKED Palette

In a rare moment of complete and utter self indulgence, I strode into Debenhams with £35 in my pocket and one, frivolous intention.
To buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette. 
Virgin, Naked and Buck make up my daily eye look, and I can safely say, having tried and tested all of the eye shadows, that  this is a truly beautiful set. The pigmentation, consistency and durability is as good as any of the reviews have claimed.
Go on, you know you want to.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Second Hand Treasure


I am currently addicted to necklaces. Gold or silver, I'll layer anything. I've never been a jewellery girl but I feel as if  accessorising like a sorcerer is my calling. Anything even slightly iridescent and I behave like a fat kid in a bakery. 

The first image is of a choker-esque necklace I spotted in my local Oxfam. It was £4 which actually feels a little steep for what it is, but a charity shop is the one place I'm willing to part with my pennies! I was inspired by Barbara, a.k.a PersianBabe on YouTube, who gravitates towards classic pieces that add that little 'something' an outfit might need. 

Alright, I lied. The heart necklace is a family heirloom that I inherited recently. It was my Great-Grandmother's, and has her and my Grandfather's initials on either side of the heart. Not merely because of the sentimental value of this item, but the sheer beauty - I wear it every single day. I would love to have a replica made when I'm a little older. I'll just have to wait for another set of initials to come along, eh?

The third is fairly self explanatory. It adds a charming girly touch and isn't enough of a statement piece to overpower the rest of an outfit. 

The final necklace was also hidden in a dusty corner of Oxfam, and I think it is simply beautiful, as well as fascinating. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice, because when it catches the light it reflects dozens of multicoloured shards of colour. It reminds me of magic, and the film Atlantis; for anyone who is unfamiliar, the inhabitants of Atlantis wear necklaces that contain the life-force upholding their civilisation. (What can I say, it was a geeky fragment of my childhood.) 

Charity shopping is good for the heart, and the bank.


Monday, 12 September 2011

Miracle base

Literally overnight, the critic's favourite, Bourgois healthy mix foundation, and Elf's Studio line flat top powder brush have become essentials in my daily make up routine.
I had heard my fair share of rave reviews about bhm foundation, but being a complete and utter cheap skate, as well as a foundation novice, I wasn't willing to part ways with a tenner for it right away. But since starting college (today, to be precise), I realised that that long, tiring and stressful days weren't going to leave my skin with a radiant glow. And this little bottles of goodness has worked a treat so far. With medium/full coverage, long-wear and a dewy finish, I highly recommend this foundation. 
I bought the brush on impulse, but at £3.50 it hasn't exactly burnt a hole in my savings. Despite being marketed as a powder brush, it is perfect for liquid foundation and makes seamless blending a ten second process. 


Simplicity: OOTN

Crochet black top: Dorothy Perkins / 
High waisted indigo jeans: Topshop /
 Leopard print heels: New Look

The look
After a busy day that actually included, wait for it, exercise(!), I wasn't looking for anything extravagant to wear to a late-night meal. The crocheted, sleeveless shift top was a one off Perkins purchase a couple of years ago, for under a tenner. I like the classic, clean lines and snug but not skin-tight fit around my torso. My latest splurge and new staple piece has to be the skinny, high waisted Topshop jeans. I have been scouring the world wide web and high street for h/w jeans without tacky detailing, in a seamless dark wash, but it wasn't until a rare visit to Topshop after college last Friday, that I spotted these babies and fell in love. At £40 they were a bit of a stretch but I know they are an investment I won't regret. 
And as for the shoes? I just happen to have a blog post about them!

The evening
Turns out five inch heels on crazy paving isn't advisable. Who knew?
After hobbling through a car park that rather resembles a drug den, dodging vermin and avoiding possible rape spots, I trudged along the high street towards my friends who were waiting outside Pizza Express. 
I am making a habit of dining out, which my bank account undoubtedly cannot handle, but eating tinned spaghetti accompanied by my obese, balding, long-hair cat Spingo just doesn't compare. 
Simply a gorgeous night, with gorgeous people.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Quick D&G Inspo

Beautiful images from the Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2011 Collection. Proving there is a thin line between masculinity and femininity. Crisp shirts with oversized collars, trilby hats and braces are the simple touches that bring these classic looks into 21st century. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Near-Autumnal Adventures & Style Notes

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls
I hope someone appreciates the Blur referencing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDswiT87oo8
In the midst of watching a documentary about Bin Laden on channel 4, I decided some much needed light-heartedness was in order. To achieve lifted spirits, I recommend a daily dose of Blur.

Second hand treasure:
Earlier today, the lovely Nicola from Nicola Land & I decided to be sophisticated 'ladies that lunch' and treated ourselves to a delicious meal at a nearby cafĂ©, whilst sheltering from the torrential rain that England so often surprises us with. After pints of orangeade (we're reckless youths) we headed off to some local charity shops, I was in search of inspiration and Nicola was looking for a pair of heels. She is a fellow sufferer of slightly-above-average-size-feet syndrome so it was thin-pickings until we tried Mind, (a charity very close to my own heart, explore the website if you're unfamiliar) where a stunning pair of brand new, black, patent court shoes caught her eye. Less than a fiver later they were in the bag and we were both very satisfied customers.

I saw numerous tweed jackets and denim shirts in the men's section, as well as suede jackets which have sent my imagination spinning. Never overlook the men's, the best shirts and blazers tend to be lurking around there. Also, I'm all for over-sizing, even wearing extra large tee's as dresses, but I am not a fan of shoulder-pads, (I am regularly chopping them off second hand clothing) or completely shapeless jackets. I have a slight frame and drowning myself in fabric doesn't tend to flatter my shape, so tailoring is key.

It was lovely to catch up with an old friend and satisfy my stomach with something other than tinned spaghetti.
For quirkiness, chocolatey posts and other sweet things with far higher quality pictures than my own, I advise you visit Nicola Land as soon as is humanely possible.

Style note: 
These gorgeous heeled brogues were waiting on my doorstep this morning, courtesy of the wonderful ASOS sale. They aren't real leather and have that slightly repulsive plastic smell that seems to linger and give me a headache, but for £26 I can't really complain. I am not sure whether to classify them as boots or heels, but I have well and truly fallen in love.

Hopefully they will be a versatile addition to my wardrobe and a slightly more practical going-out-shoe for the colder months. My mind is restless with outfit ideas! 



Androgyny: What Sara Wore

Green blazer: Topman Sale / Cream jumper: Charity Shop / 
White linen shirt: Charity Shop / Black skinny jeans: Primark / 
Belt: Primark / Tapestry bag: Charity shop / Black loafers: Garage Shoes

Trend: Androgynous 
Adjective: having both masculine and feminine characteristics (In fashion terms, not hermaphroditically...) 
Key trend pieces: Blazers, shirts, waistcoats, fitted trousers, skinny jeans, loafers, chelsea boots, brogues.

I stumbled across this blazer style jacket in the Topman Sale for £25 a few weeks ago and I could not resist buying it. It is certainly the key piece that ties the look together and adds the necessary masculinity. This is counteracted by the bead detailing around the neckline of the jumper and the floral bag, but combined with a buttoned-up shirt and loafers I think it makes for an eclectic mixture. The dark colours are softened by the jumper and multicoloured tapestry on the bag. 
I can guarantee this will be my go-to trend for the Autumn/Winter season, and I am excited to experiment and generally continue defying the 'gender rules'. 

Good tailoring and a close fit can still be sexy and feminine - it's all about the balance.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wild thing

Thanks to a little fashion inspo courtesy of Charlene from Strutt, (one of my favourite fashion bloggers - check her out) I have developed a slight obsession with animal print. Leopard and zebra are notable favourites, so when I saw these beauties in New Look, yes - New Look, for a measly £20, I could not resist. 

Chunky heel? 
Bold print? 
Surpringly comfortable fit for my slightly-above-average-size feet? 

They aren't heels for the faint hearted and at about 5 inches they bring me to over 6 foot, but they're certainly show-stoppers. 
I cannot wait to wear these with my black, high neck, fitted skater dress or simply black/blue jeans and a plain top and blazer for a casual yet sophisticated look. A friend's birthday meal in a fortnight looks like the perfect opportunity to take these bad boys out for a test drive. 


Benefit Cosmetics is my drug

                  Benefit They're Real mascara                                      Finding Mr. Bright brightening face kit

I am infatuated with Benefit Cosmetics. 

It all began with a harmless trip to House of Fraser. My Mother left me stranded in the cosmetics section whilst she visited the ladies, and I could sense representatives from every counter closing in on me, (I swear they receive some sort of military training; those reflexes are unnatural) so I shifted towards the closest one. A bubbly and slightly squeaky woman began to introduce me to products before I could confirm which counter I had ended up at. It was of course, Benefit. Thirty minutes later my Mother had spent £40 on 3-month-early birthday presents for lucky old me, and I was hooked.  

Being an unemployed teenager, needless to say money is scarce at the best of times, but when I get the opportunity I love to indulge in a little high end make up. I'm a sucker for colour and design and Benefit combines excellent and innovative products with truly artistic packaging. The cynical side of me knows that I am probably paying largely for the pretty patterns and oddly shaped containers, but what the heck: I'm willing.

If anyone would like a review, feel free to comment below.


Hello Blogger

I'm Sara, I'm sixteen and I've tried my hand at blogging a fair few times over the past four years. 
First things first - I am a fiercely private person, despite having written purely autobiographically in the past. So I don't want to type-cast my page as being anything in particular. I'll be writing about fashion, beauty, films, music, books and generally anything that inspires or interests me. 
I want to build on my past blogging experience and develop this into something truly worth reading.

Welcome to acidera.