Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Benefit Cosmetics is my drug

                  Benefit They're Real mascara                                      Finding Mr. Bright brightening face kit

I am infatuated with Benefit Cosmetics. 

It all began with a harmless trip to House of Fraser. My Mother left me stranded in the cosmetics section whilst she visited the ladies, and I could sense representatives from every counter closing in on me, (I swear they receive some sort of military training; those reflexes are unnatural) so I shifted towards the closest one. A bubbly and slightly squeaky woman began to introduce me to products before I could confirm which counter I had ended up at. It was of course, Benefit. Thirty minutes later my Mother had spent £40 on 3-month-early birthday presents for lucky old me, and I was hooked.  

Being an unemployed teenager, needless to say money is scarce at the best of times, but when I get the opportunity I love to indulge in a little high end make up. I'm a sucker for colour and design and Benefit combines excellent and innovative products with truly artistic packaging. The cynical side of me knows that I am probably paying largely for the pretty patterns and oddly shaped containers, but what the heck: I'm willing.

If anyone would like a review, feel free to comment below.


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