Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Near-Autumnal Adventures & Style Notes

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls
I hope someone appreciates the Blur referencing.
In the midst of watching a documentary about Bin Laden on channel 4, I decided some much needed light-heartedness was in order. To achieve lifted spirits, I recommend a daily dose of Blur.

Second hand treasure:
Earlier today, the lovely Nicola from Nicola Land & I decided to be sophisticated 'ladies that lunch' and treated ourselves to a delicious meal at a nearby café, whilst sheltering from the torrential rain that England so often surprises us with. After pints of orangeade (we're reckless youths) we headed off to some local charity shops, I was in search of inspiration and Nicola was looking for a pair of heels. She is a fellow sufferer of slightly-above-average-size-feet syndrome so it was thin-pickings until we tried Mind, (a charity very close to my own heart, explore the website if you're unfamiliar) where a stunning pair of brand new, black, patent court shoes caught her eye. Less than a fiver later they were in the bag and we were both very satisfied customers.

I saw numerous tweed jackets and denim shirts in the men's section, as well as suede jackets which have sent my imagination spinning. Never overlook the men's, the best shirts and blazers tend to be lurking around there. Also, I'm all for over-sizing, even wearing extra large tee's as dresses, but I am not a fan of shoulder-pads, (I am regularly chopping them off second hand clothing) or completely shapeless jackets. I have a slight frame and drowning myself in fabric doesn't tend to flatter my shape, so tailoring is key.

It was lovely to catch up with an old friend and satisfy my stomach with something other than tinned spaghetti.
For quirkiness, chocolatey posts and other sweet things with far higher quality pictures than my own, I advise you visit Nicola Land as soon as is humanely possible.

Style note: 
These gorgeous heeled brogues were waiting on my doorstep this morning, courtesy of the wonderful ASOS sale. They aren't real leather and have that slightly repulsive plastic smell that seems to linger and give me a headache, but for £26 I can't really complain. I am not sure whether to classify them as boots or heels, but I have well and truly fallen in love.

Hopefully they will be a versatile addition to my wardrobe and a slightly more practical going-out-shoe for the colder months. My mind is restless with outfit ideas! 



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  1. I love you. this actually made me L.O.L ;D <3


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