Thursday, 15 September 2011

Second Hand Treasure


I am currently addicted to necklaces. Gold or silver, I'll layer anything. I've never been a jewellery girl but I feel as if  accessorising like a sorcerer is my calling. Anything even slightly iridescent and I behave like a fat kid in a bakery. 

The first image is of a choker-esque necklace I spotted in my local Oxfam. It was £4 which actually feels a little steep for what it is, but a charity shop is the one place I'm willing to part with my pennies! I was inspired by Barbara, a.k.a PersianBabe on YouTube, who gravitates towards classic pieces that add that little 'something' an outfit might need. 

Alright, I lied. The heart necklace is a family heirloom that I inherited recently. It was my Great-Grandmother's, and has her and my Grandfather's initials on either side of the heart. Not merely because of the sentimental value of this item, but the sheer beauty - I wear it every single day. I would love to have a replica made when I'm a little older. I'll just have to wait for another set of initials to come along, eh?

The third is fairly self explanatory. It adds a charming girly touch and isn't enough of a statement piece to overpower the rest of an outfit. 

The final necklace was also hidden in a dusty corner of Oxfam, and I think it is simply beautiful, as well as fascinating. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice, because when it catches the light it reflects dozens of multicoloured shards of colour. It reminds me of magic, and the film Atlantis; for anyone who is unfamiliar, the inhabitants of Atlantis wear necklaces that contain the life-force upholding their civilisation. (What can I say, it was a geeky fragment of my childhood.) 

Charity shopping is good for the heart, and the bank.


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  1. Love all of these! The heart necklace is especially beautiful (even more so because of what it means). x hivenn


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