Saturday, 15 October 2011

Velvet, print + denim: What Sara Wore

Levi's denim: Free (hand-me-down) / Printed top: Charity shop / 
Velvet leggings: eBay / Chelsea Boots: Faith (Autumn '10) / 
Necklaces: (click the link to find out)

Trend: Velvet 
I adore velvet for the Autumn/Winter months, and leggings are such a simple item to throw on for a casual look, or dress up with heels.

This outfit is a little bit of everything I love; I'd like to call it an eclectic mix of my personal style that incorporates some of the key A/W11 styles. Let's just call it a little bit bonkers. 

I recently started college and have been ravenously scouring every corner of my local charity shops for bargains. My favourite purchases so far have been a snakeskin print scarf, scallop-detailed sheer cream blouse, the top featured above, and lo-and-behold - another black, sheer, floral top. I probably sound a little like a broken record, but sheer material is so classic when styled correctly. 
Minus the Chelsea boots I bought for around £80 in Faith at Debenham's last year (which are a big trend for this Winter), my outfit in its entirety cost around £15. Now that my friends, is real bargain hunting.
These leggings fit like a glove whilst remaining opaque: transparent leggings are a fashion sin. In fact, screw fashion - there should be a law against see-through leggings. Anyway, I have worn these badboys to absolute death since they arrived on Tuesday, so for comfort and style I recommend investing in a pair. 

Minimalism is for the faint-hearted - try clashing a few trends.

ps My cat Spingo decided to intrude on this particular little 'shoot', she's such a camera whore. 

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  1. "should be a law against see-through leggings" - amen to that.
    i hate that you look this good everyday.
    but i love you anyway.


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