Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Double Denim: What Sara Wore

Levi's denim: Hand-me-down / Sparkly top: Charity shop / High-waisted jeans: Just Female @ ASOS Sale / 
Ballet pumps: New Look / Hair cuff: Topshop / Faux snakeskin bag: Charity shop / 
Sunglasses: Primark 

I wore this last Saturday on a brief and invigorating adventure to the post office. Little did I know, a very hot afternoon was forecast, and I emerged from the post office resembling a tomato. 

But onto the outfit! Yes, I'm committing the ultimate 'fashion sin': double denim.
My Just Female jeans are proving wildly inappropriate for the near heatwave England is experiencing, but I haven't been able to get enough of them since I snapped up a pair in the ASOS Sale for about twenty pounds. They're high-waisted and as tight as leggings (but surprisingly comfortable), and they balance out a long torso and shorter legs perfectly. 
The jacket was a recent discovery straight from the back of my Mum's wardrobe; it belonged to a Great Uncle of mine who passed it onto my Dad, but it had never seen the light of day. It's oversized and in absolutely perfect condition, so I love throwing it over floral dresses or floaty skirts for that nineties-esque, grungier feel. 
I own approximately five metallic, sparkly tops but this one is the baby of the litter which I purchased a few years ago at a charity shop. It's a baggy but stretchy material which makes it very low maintenance and comfortable to wear, and the neckline means that it can appear off both shoulders or asymmetric with total ease. It's just a carefree piece. 
Snakeskin is a recent obsession of mine, so when I saw this in a local charity shop I had to pry myself away before I bought it, but alas, I returned the next morning and parted with my pennies. It has a detachable strap which means it doubles as both an over the shoulder bag and a clutch, so in my mind it's two bags for the price of one. A lot of vintage bags have removable straps, so it's something to look out for if you like practicality and versatility in a bag. 
Last but certainly not least are my nude ballet pumps, a chic addition to any outfit. They're even a sneaky dupe of the Topshop ballet flats I've seen a lot of, but for an £8 saving and far sturdier sole, I highly recommend the New Look version. 

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation: Reviewed

So here it is: the ever raved about Rimmel London Wake Me up Foundation. 

The Basics:
1. This is a six shade range of foundation 
2. It retails at around £8.99 (but I nabbed it for a cheeky £5.99 whilst it was on offer at Boots!) 
3. There is 30ml of product per bottle
4. The bottle provides a pump mechanism for distributing the product 
5. I would say it gives medium, buildable coverage
6. The consistency is a little on the thicker side, but it blends very easily
7. It leaves a slightly shimmery, dewy finish on the skin 

It claims to have an "Anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow", and contains SPF 15. This seems at first glance to be a little paradoxical, because SPF containing foundations are renowned for their ghostly/reflective qualities, especially in flash photography. I have been wearing this foundation for around a month, and having test-driven it on a few nights out I can safely confirm that this simply has a radiant, healthy look in pictures. Goodbye Casper.  

Consistency from the bottle

It gives the skin a healthy and natural glow.

 Left hand: Wake Me Up Foundation / Right hand: Bare 
As you can see, it adds warmth to the skin without looking unnatural 

Shimmer particles in sunlight  
For all you glitter-phobes out there, this is not a glittery foundation that will leave you with an 
Edward Cullen sparkle; it has a very light shimmer to it which seems to disappear when blended.


  1. The pump is a hygienic choice which simplifies application
  2. This foundation really does last for a fair few hours, whether used in conjunction with a primer or not.
  3. True to form, it creates a radiant but not overpowering glow to the skin. The shimmer is barely noticeable on the face, so it isn't an issue for me. 
  4. I have not tried any high-end foundations, but for the price and quality of this product - I have no desire to do so. I would pay more than the asking price for a product of this standard.
  5. 30ml is a hearty amount of foundation that I foresee lasting for a few months.     
  1. It takes about two pumps to cover the entire face
  2. I know this is down to preference, but I find the packaging hideous. I mean this lid is truly traffic stopping orange, which is a far cry from my own taste. But hey-ho, it's the product that matters
  3. I have some small patches of eczema and dry skin on my face, and after a few hours the foundation does tend to cling to these areas
  4. It doesn't make much of a difference to the redness on my cheeks, which means I resort to using a thin layer of concealer to eradicate this instead
  5. The colour range is a little dire and leaves a lot to be desired. I think this foundation would suit warmer toned or olive skin with yellow undertones best

The Final Verdict? 
I do have a confession to make - I am quite the foundation novice. I only began wearing a fuller face of make up in the Summer of 2011, and since then I have used three foundations. But I have the same basic criteria for a good foundation as most people; a natural look and lasting coverage. Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation certainly delivers. The pros of this product greatly outweigh the cons, and I especially like that it can be blended into a tinted moisturiser consistency for days when I'm looking for low maintenance make up.


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Monday, 26 March 2012

Splendid Storage Solutions

I'm sorry for the creepy floating head in the first picture, I had an even better (very attractive) alternative which I was considering using, until I reminded myself that I'm trying to gain followers, not scare them away...

Anyway, I bought my first tobacco tin (Erinmore Mixture Pipe Tobacco) a couple of years ago in a local vintage shop,  and used it for storing rings and earrings for while. The Gold Flake tin's origin escapes me, but it was most likely an impromptu charity shop purchase, and the silver plates were my most recent buy from the selection - I got them for fifty pence each from the bric-a-brac charity table at my family Church! I always feel a tinge of guilt for buying things which are so under-priced, but at such times of financial hardship I am grateful for a good bargain! 
So, to cut a long story short, having accumulated all of these pieces and not really put them to good use, they currently reside on my dressing table as makeup storage. It's always a little more fun to have something aesthetically pleasing that might ordinarily be dull. 

I think this is a cheap and cheerful idea which can quickly expand into a collection; I also use old marmalade jars and second hand vases as storage solutions! 

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tailored: What Sara Wore

Blazer: Charity shop / Dress: Primark / Sheer tights: Primark / Buckled flats: Office Sale / 
Necklaces: (see here) 

So I'm trying something a little different with the photography - reactions? I especially like the second picture where I appear to be having menstrual cramps in a deeply philosophical moment.

I saw this blazer around a fortnight ago on a major charity shop splurge, hiding away in a dusty corner of Oxfam and priced at a miraculous £5.99.
The dress was a Monday afternoon purchase, (the best friend and I tend to spend our Monday frees spending money we don't really have) and courtesy of Primark! As a seasoned vintage rummager, I am no snob when it comes to shopping, but I can't say I'm ever all that impressed with Primark - but their newest range is surprisingly refreshing, and this dress seems to be a cheeky dupe of Topshop's Speckle Strappy Mini Dress which I've had my heart set on for a while. The biggest difference? I'm only eight hundred pennies poorer.
My shoes were a January Sales steal for only £12, and they always add that androgynous edge I love, when my Chelsea Boots are taking a holiday. The only downside is that they are a whole size larger than my feet which doesn't exactly aid the slightly-above-average-size-feet syndrome, but I'm never one to turn a bargain down. Anyway, it's never about the size, it's about how you wear it. 

Blazers paired with low maintenance dresses might just be my new Spring look.

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Monday, 19 March 2012


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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Revlon Lip-picks

From left to right: Black Cherry, Wine Not, Really Red, Raspberry bite, Sienna, Coral.

I hope the slightly unorthodox ('artsy') lipstick-in-front-of-french-windows photos are to everyone's liking. This is Tate Modern quality stuff, people. 

On with the review!
I had been lusting over Revlon lipsticks for a while, until I finally plucked up the courage to take the plunge and got my hands on Black Cherry, and boy did I throw myself in the deep end. 

A bestseller from Revlon's Super Lustrous lippy line, Black Cherry is an alternative vampy choice to the typical dark red, with purple and pink undertones to flatter all skin tones. Honestly? I so wanted it to live up to all the hype, but the finish is undeniably poor. Both in the tube and on the lips, Black Cherry has an uneven consistency which leaves tiny specks of product on the lips which become gradually more prominent as time progresses. The pigmentation is beautiful indeed, but crumbly lips are not sexy. The product also has a tendency to bleed into the skin around the lips, (experienced lippy-wearers will know exactly what I mean) so unless you're literally going vampire for an evening, I wouldn't recommend Black Cherry for long-term wear.

Wine Not is a redder, matte version of Black Cherry: (although they look almost identical in the photograph below - blame the constraints of a digital camera) pigmented and surprisingly moisturising for a matte lipstick. Well, moisturising may be a slight exaggeration, but Wine Not is certainly far from drying and lasts for many an hour. A firm favourite, and who doesn't love a cheeky name? I'm such a sucker for marketing ploys.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for a few years - not an orange, not a pink and as far from prostitutey as I can get. However, good highstreet reds were seemingly nowhere to be found, until I discovered Really Red. It is a true red, just as the name suggests! Very pigmented and like Wine Not it has an excellent matte formula. Gold star galore.

Raspberry bite is such a Disney Princess pink: bold, stunning and it certainly grabs your attention. It's my silent killer - more muted than a red but bright enough to make a statement. The thing I love about this lipstick is its versatility, it is breathtaking against a paler, Winter complexion and blends in so beautifully with a warmer tan. Super lustrous, lasting and lovely. 

Sienna. Ohhhhhh Sienna (there's never a bad time for an inaccurate Ultravox reference). My everyday lipstick and go-to colour, perfect for lazy days in need of a little colour and day or night appropriate. I think Sienna is a bona fide classic for brunettes (and darker) and pale or tanned girls alike. As a colourburst lippy, it is moisturising, pigmented but sheer enough to slap on without a mirror, and it stays put. It is a little more orangey than the swatch below and has some red undertones, which I feel make it so flattering on olive skin.
A yourlipsbutmuchmuchbetter colour. 

I wasn't sure whether or not to include Coral, because it is the only Revlon lipstick I haven't actually worn properly yet. My justification is its fluorescence which lends it to a more Summery theme, and it is my first coral colour! This will undoubtedly be making an appearance in the warmer months, but it is just a little too scary for now. I can do dark purples, but gimme a neon and I'll run for miles. First impressions? Very pretty.
The Jury's out on this one. 


Final verdict? Revlon lipsticks are an investment that rarely disappoint. 

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I have been a little M.I.A as of late, admittedly, but I am happy to announce I am back for good (cue Gary Barlow). I hope you enjoyed my first, proper beauty review.