Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation: Reviewed

So here it is: the ever raved about Rimmel London Wake Me up Foundation. 

The Basics:
1. This is a six shade range of foundation 
2. It retails at around £8.99 (but I nabbed it for a cheeky £5.99 whilst it was on offer at Boots!) 
3. There is 30ml of product per bottle
4. The bottle provides a pump mechanism for distributing the product 
5. I would say it gives medium, buildable coverage
6. The consistency is a little on the thicker side, but it blends very easily
7. It leaves a slightly shimmery, dewy finish on the skin 

It claims to have an "Anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow", and contains SPF 15. This seems at first glance to be a little paradoxical, because SPF containing foundations are renowned for their ghostly/reflective qualities, especially in flash photography. I have been wearing this foundation for around a month, and having test-driven it on a few nights out I can safely confirm that this simply has a radiant, healthy look in pictures. Goodbye Casper.  

Consistency from the bottle

It gives the skin a healthy and natural glow.

 Left hand: Wake Me Up Foundation / Right hand: Bare 
As you can see, it adds warmth to the skin without looking unnatural 

Shimmer particles in sunlight  
For all you glitter-phobes out there, this is not a glittery foundation that will leave you with an 
Edward Cullen sparkle; it has a very light shimmer to it which seems to disappear when blended.


  1. The pump is a hygienic choice which simplifies application
  2. This foundation really does last for a fair few hours, whether used in conjunction with a primer or not.
  3. True to form, it creates a radiant but not overpowering glow to the skin. The shimmer is barely noticeable on the face, so it isn't an issue for me. 
  4. I have not tried any high-end foundations, but for the price and quality of this product - I have no desire to do so. I would pay more than the asking price for a product of this standard.
  5. 30ml is a hearty amount of foundation that I foresee lasting for a few months.     
  1. It takes about two pumps to cover the entire face
  2. I know this is down to preference, but I find the packaging hideous. I mean this lid is truly traffic stopping orange, which is a far cry from my own taste. But hey-ho, it's the product that matters
  3. I have some small patches of eczema and dry skin on my face, and after a few hours the foundation does tend to cling to these areas
  4. It doesn't make much of a difference to the redness on my cheeks, which means I resort to using a thin layer of concealer to eradicate this instead
  5. The colour range is a little dire and leaves a lot to be desired. I think this foundation would suit warmer toned or olive skin with yellow undertones best

The Final Verdict? 
I do have a confession to make - I am quite the foundation novice. I only began wearing a fuller face of make up in the Summer of 2011, and since then I have used three foundations. But I have the same basic criteria for a good foundation as most people; a natural look and lasting coverage. Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Foundation certainly delivers. The pros of this product greatly outweigh the cons, and I especially like that it can be blended into a tinted moisturiser consistency for days when I'm looking for low maintenance make up.


P.s. Don't forget to follow for more reviews. What is your foundation of choice? 


  1. right, im getting this. ta for making me spend more money ;) LOVE YOU <3

  2. I like this foundation, but I slightly prefer the Bourjois healthy mix.

    I reviewed the wake me up foundation too on my blog :)



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