Monday, 30 April 2012

Unknown Pleather: What Sara Wore

Levi's Denim: Hand-me-down / Snakeskin tee: Second hand / Scarf: Second hand /
Faux leather shorts: Next / Buckled flats: Office Sale / Unknown Pleasures tote: eBay / 
Sunglasses: H&M/ Hoop earrings: Dutch Market / Lips: Revlon's Sienna

The title is supposed to be a play on words (original) of Joy Division's famous album Unknown Pleasures, which I guess is apt because I have the artwork printed on the bag you can see above.

Today, the sun had his hat on, "hip hip hip GO AWAY", although I'm sure few Brits share my sentiments. I had a short college day and intended on hiding from the heat in a library study room, but by the time I made it home I was reduced to such a boiling mess that I simply crawled into bed. Do I sound grumpy? I am grumpy. I'm not trying to dampen anyone's spirits (nice weather imagery, can you tell I'm a literature student?) but I really am more of a rainy-day-by-the-fire-with-a-Grace-Kelly-film kinda gal. Unless I'm abroad, or in the comfort of my own garden, the sun is not my friend. I would like to live in a cold country; it would never feel like a sin to pretend it's Christmas and I'd have an endless excuse to buy fur coats.

Ramble over, and onto the outfit - there was no rhyme or reason to my choices, I simply pulled out the contents of my wardrobe, quite literally, and grabbed a few items. Most of my clothes are interchangeable and can be worn together, somewhat of a 'Capsule Wardrobe', and I'm in denial that winter is over, so everything seems to be a variation of grey...
I chose a good pair of chunky hoop earrings to brighten up the darker tones in my outfit, and I liked the silver/gold contrast of my sunglasses, necklace, earrings and buckles. The tee and shorts looked too fitted so I threw on my over-sized denim jacket for a more boyish feel. I'm obsessed with these sunglasses, but I want some smaller, circular ones just so I can pretend to be John Lennon...

Words aren't coming very naturally today, which I think is a combination of mind-boggling revision and exhaustion, so I apologise for the less than eloquent and awkwardly unhumorous writing.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Buckled Beauties

I have been lusting over these beautiful specimens for approximately two days. 

1. Completely inappropriate for Spring
2. Off-white colour
3. Buckled
4. Leather
5. Cut out detail

They are the Pièce de résistance; the George Clooney of shoes. 
I like to give myself a considerable amount of lusting time before making a pricey purchase.
My terrifyinglyimportantandextremelyintimidating exams will be over in nineteen days, and there's a good chance I'll be sixty-five squid poorer on the 18th of May. 

P.s. Thoughts?

Friday, 27 April 2012


 A few weeks ago, on a Pepsi-induced whim, I decided to enter FashionRocksMySocks' 'Send in your style' segment. The name is pretty self explanatory, but in a nutshell, it's basically an opportunity for Bloggers/YouTubers to pitch their style as best they can, in the hope of making it onto the monthly post. 
So, as I'm sure you can imagine, waking up on Thursday morning (a little disorientated) to an email from the lovely Rhiannon, I was slightly taken aback. 

First things first, my body was extremely low on caffeine, and enduring the strenuous downhill hike to the kitchen for tea was a distant hope, so my initial reaction was quite frankly "Rhiannon who!?". I was convinced that it was another silly old spam message, and it took me a fair few minutes to cotton on that I had received an email of congratulations! What followed was a relatively embarrassing display of running downstairs hysterically, terrifying Quincy (the kitten) and Kate (the Mother). I struggled to contain myself for the rest of the day, which didn't bode well when attempting revision... so I gave myself a celebratory day off!

Rhiannon was even kind enough to dub my look her favourite, which I didn't even notice until after repeated inspection of the post (yes, I may have been double checking that I had actually been featured...)
Be sure to check out Peggy and Sammi, who also made it onto Send In Your Style. 
Check the post out here.

Another gigantic thank you to Rhiannon, and all of my wonderful new followers - I offer you my warmest welcome to SaraWears!

When the April (and soon to be May) showers stop I will be sure to do an outfit post, providing I haven't been swallowed by a philosophy revision textbook/drowned in notes/trapped in the library.

P.s. Any thoughts of the blog revamp?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is anybody home?

I know I've been completely M.I.A as of late, and I wish I could promise regular installments, but alas - the books are always calling. I have some extremely important examinations within the next few weeks, but from May 18th onwards I will be gloriously free to ramble to my heart's content again.
I am having difficulty tearing myself away from a certain love affair I have developed with the library, but I do have some Short 'n' Sweet posts on their way as well as a Body Shop post in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled - it may be making an appearance on your dashboard as soon as this weekend! (You lucky old things).

If I were you, I'd enjoy the absence of posts, because the Summer is going to bring infinite writing opportunities - you'll all be sick to death of me in no time.

P.s. As you may or may not have noticed, my blog is undergoing a little face-lift... so excuse the slightly 'unruly' look for now.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pretty in Pink: What Sara Wore

"Paper, snow... a GHOST"
Shirt: Topshop Sale / Jeans: Just Female @ ASOS Sale / Jumper: M&S Classics / 
Faux Leather Jacket: George @ ASDA / Necklace: Family Heirloom / 
Heeled Chelsea Boots: New Look Sale / Belt: Primark / Bracelet: ASOS Sale

I just thought I'd check in with something short and sweet, so here's my outfit from Friday evening. The boots are probably my most worn heels and I got them for thirty quid in the Boxing Day sales! The platform is a lifesaver and they're not too high which makes them the perfect all-night-shoe. The rest was purely for comfort and nothing particularly out of the ordinary for me, however, take note of the M&S Classics jumper which I rambled on about here! Not too shabby eh? Wearing two pieces of jewellery is a little risque for my boring ways, but I thought the cross bracelet was a delicate addition and my forearms just felt a little too bare without something. 

Monday, 9 April 2012

A weekend in April, in photographs

1. My 87 year old Granny enjoying a brew.
2. A beautiful (and nutritious) lunch. 
3. Tea Cosy Tea Rooms, Alnmouth. My childhood lunch spot.
4. A stained glass window in the village Church.
5. A memorial plaque (my heart melted).
6. Stereotypical England.
7. Everyone by the seaside seems to collect stones/shells.
8. Where I'd like to spend an evening.
9. My Dad and I enjoying a stroll.
10. Granny's bungalow - my all-time favourite mug.
11. A polaroid from November when my hair was different.
12. Impromptu snap by the cousin from Platform 6. 
13. The train journey home. I love trains.
14. Cath Kidston glasses case, and a Portable CD player spinning some Thin Lizzy.
15. Cue my awkward face.
16. Water For Elephants.

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

The 'Au Naturale' Face

Gosh primer / Elf eyelid primer / Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation (review here) /
Benefit brow kit in Light / Elf eyebrow gel / Bourjois concealer in 52 / NYX blush in Taupe (as a contour) / Topshop blush in Head Over Heels / Elf lipstick in Charming / L'Oreal Superliner / 
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer / Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara / Carmex Classic

Now this is what you call a No Makeup Makeup Look! Judging by the amount of products I crammed onto my face, you'd think I was aiming for the drag queen look. The posing is a little out of my comfort zone (despite what my profile picture might suggest - but notice the identical face) although I wanted to give this post a shot. 
I went to a Body Shop party on Friday night (expect a post when my parcel of purchases arrives, and more info about the night) which was absolutely lovely, and I even won the raffle and bagged myself some freebies; it was very out of character, I'm usually more of a bad luck magnet. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the evening with a permanent grin plastered across my face. And I suppose the Rosé and gorgeous company had a small part to play.
Some lovely faces from the party

P.s. Thoughts on the centre parting? 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Three Looks, One Liner

Say Hello to the liner in question; L'Oreal Paris Super Liner. A brand-spanking new, long awaited purchase that has been sitting patiently on my wish list for far too long. Keep your eyes peeled for a review! (no pun intended)

I'm never really going to be much of a tutorial gal because quite frankly, I'm actually pretty damn mediocre at applying make up. But, as a dedicated eyeliner aficionado I thought I'd share two liner looks I tend to gravitate towards, and something a little different.

Look I 

Look II 

Look III

I apologise profusely for the creepy close-ups. Editing these photographs was a harrowing experience, no girl deserves to see her face in macro. This was just an impromptu post for anyone on the lookout for some inspiration. 

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Monday, 2 April 2012

A Small Spring Spree

1. Coral jumper: £9.50 Marks & Spencers
2. Snakeskin tee: £2.99Charity Shop
3. Blush: £6 Topshop (Head Over Heels)
4. Lilac duo eye shadow: £6 Marks & Spencers
5. Footsies: £2.50 Marks & Spencers

The real triumph of the day was my introduction to Marks & Spencers. Yes, you heard me correctly. The place where you bought your primary school Summer dresses and frilly white socks. The place your Granny gets her cardigans from. The home of sensible heels. But it's undeniable - I'm hooked. 
As my Mother dragged me through the doors and into bargain hunting pensioner chaos, my head was telling me 'find the exit', but as my gaze wandered over to the Classic section, my head was telling me browse. So I did. 
The Classic section is most certainly aimed at the over 60s, but the basis of the collection is just as the name suggests: classic, which makes it ageless too, as far as I'm concerned. The pieces are simplistic, comfortable and affordable, and they come in multiple colours which is perfect for the serial-shopper in me. This coral jumper is a truly elegant garment, and it makes a nice change from my usual scruffy knits. It really does look stunning against brunette hair, and I expect a tan will compliment it further in the Summer. For the price tag, it's an all round beautiful find. I'll be pairing it with a crisp, white, collared shirt on chillier days.

I am obsessed with lilac. It isn't really my colour and it tends to clash with my complexion a little, but this eye shadow duo was far too unique and adorable to resist. I really haven't seen colours like this on the high street, so it's a thumbs up for M&S cosmetics so far from me, even if you do get a measly amount of product. My only other grumble is the branding: this compact is from Marks & Sparks' Perfection range. Perfection? Really? I might like my knits circa 1945 but the teenager in me is feeling queasy. 

And last but certainly not least, I've been wanting to try out Topshop Cosmetics for such a long time, so we'll have to wait and see how this blush fares - but it certainly is a gorgeous colour. Expect a review in due course!

P.s. I urge you to check out the Classic Collection, for a giggle alone; I really am a senior citizen. 
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