Friday, 27 April 2012


 A few weeks ago, on a Pepsi-induced whim, I decided to enter FashionRocksMySocks' 'Send in your style' segment. The name is pretty self explanatory, but in a nutshell, it's basically an opportunity for Bloggers/YouTubers to pitch their style as best they can, in the hope of making it onto the monthly post. 
So, as I'm sure you can imagine, waking up on Thursday morning (a little disorientated) to an email from the lovely Rhiannon, I was slightly taken aback. 

First things first, my body was extremely low on caffeine, and enduring the strenuous downhill hike to the kitchen for tea was a distant hope, so my initial reaction was quite frankly "Rhiannon who!?". I was convinced that it was another silly old spam message, and it took me a fair few minutes to cotton on that I had received an email of congratulations! What followed was a relatively embarrassing display of running downstairs hysterically, terrifying Quincy (the kitten) and Kate (the Mother). I struggled to contain myself for the rest of the day, which didn't bode well when attempting revision... so I gave myself a celebratory day off!

Rhiannon was even kind enough to dub my look her favourite, which I didn't even notice until after repeated inspection of the post (yes, I may have been double checking that I had actually been featured...)
Be sure to check out Peggy and Sammi, who also made it onto Send In Your Style. 
Check the post out here.

Another gigantic thank you to Rhiannon, and all of my wonderful new followers - I offer you my warmest welcome to SaraWears!

When the April (and soon to be May) showers stop I will be sure to do an outfit post, providing I haven't been swallowed by a philosophy revision textbook/drowned in notes/trapped in the library.

P.s. Any thoughts of the blog revamp?


  1. Your look was my favourite as well and you gained a new follower, your style is just flawless

  2. Ah I'm so glad to have found your blog from Rhiannon's blog. And I am totally feeling the swalloed up feeling of exams atm. I just want it to be the end of june and the summer holidays :)

    rebecca x

  3. You're far too kind, and thank you so much.

    The dreaded exam feeling, it's even worse gaining new followers so suddenly when I have no time to write! But come late May I'm hoping to do outfit posts every other day.

  4. Great post, I love the way you write. If the exams everyone is referring to are GCSE's then don't sweat it. Just go into each exams with a calm clear head, breathing exercises helped me and I ended up doing really well.

    Oh and I don't think i've ever seen double denim worn so well!

    Peggy xo

  5. Ditto! GCSEs would be a God send at this point, but sadly I'm about to sit my AS Levels... at least Blogging is a good distraction, especially when lovely people take the time to comment!
    Thank you.
    Sara x

  6. AHH ACEEEEE :D this is exciting! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOUUU :D xxxxxxxxx


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