Monday, 2 April 2012

A Small Spring Spree

1. Coral jumper: £9.50 Marks & Spencers
2. Snakeskin tee: £2.99Charity Shop
3. Blush: £6 Topshop (Head Over Heels)
4. Lilac duo eye shadow: £6 Marks & Spencers
5. Footsies: £2.50 Marks & Spencers

The real triumph of the day was my introduction to Marks & Spencers. Yes, you heard me correctly. The place where you bought your primary school Summer dresses and frilly white socks. The place your Granny gets her cardigans from. The home of sensible heels. But it's undeniable - I'm hooked. 
As my Mother dragged me through the doors and into bargain hunting pensioner chaos, my head was telling me 'find the exit', but as my gaze wandered over to the Classic section, my head was telling me browse. So I did. 
The Classic section is most certainly aimed at the over 60s, but the basis of the collection is just as the name suggests: classic, which makes it ageless too, as far as I'm concerned. The pieces are simplistic, comfortable and affordable, and they come in multiple colours which is perfect for the serial-shopper in me. This coral jumper is a truly elegant garment, and it makes a nice change from my usual scruffy knits. It really does look stunning against brunette hair, and I expect a tan will compliment it further in the Summer. For the price tag, it's an all round beautiful find. I'll be pairing it with a crisp, white, collared shirt on chillier days.

I am obsessed with lilac. It isn't really my colour and it tends to clash with my complexion a little, but this eye shadow duo was far too unique and adorable to resist. I really haven't seen colours like this on the high street, so it's a thumbs up for M&S cosmetics so far from me, even if you do get a measly amount of product. My only other grumble is the branding: this compact is from Marks & Sparks' Perfection range. Perfection? Really? I might like my knits circa 1945 but the teenager in me is feeling queasy. 

And last but certainly not least, I've been wanting to try out Topshop Cosmetics for such a long time, so we'll have to wait and see how this blush fares - but it certainly is a gorgeous colour. Expect a review in due course!

P.s. I urge you to check out the Classic Collection, for a giggle alone; I really am a senior citizen. 
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  1. you legend. I look forward to seeing this jumper! i need to buy some topshop makeup...! xxxxxxxx


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