Sunday, 20 May 2012

If in doubt, cut your hair

The new do.
(Casually pretending that I have Instagram. Check out this polaroid effect here.)
Hello, blogger. It has been a while.
Exam season was a concoction of minor mental breakdowns and sleepless nights, but as of Friday I am officially as freeeeeeeeeeeeeee as a bird. 
On Saturday in a moment of madness I booked a hair appointment without a style in mind, and this was what I ended up with. The scraggly, dry ends were just getting a little repulsive and my hair always gets to a length where it stays so flat it could pass for a helmet. 
So now, I sort of resemble a librarian version of Velma Kelly, if that is even imaginable, but I think I like it.



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  2. wow looks great! I wish I could pull off that style, do you think you'd put it in finger waves or curls to really bring the 20's look like Velma Kelly?

  3. ah your hair looks positively fabulous! i loveeeeeee it :D

  4. i can't wait to see this in person - it looks amazing!! xxxx

  5. Thank you all.
    Alienne: It really isn't as difficult to pull off as you might think! Hell, if I can, anyone can. I would love to but I am incredibly untalented with hair so it isn't a likely prospect. But I'll take any similarity to Velma Kelly possible!


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