Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Lengths: What Sara Wore

Definitely a burgeoning six-pack...

Crop top: ASOS / Midi skirt: Second hand / Woven Sandals: New Look (Summer '10)

It is actually warm in England. Roasting, in fact... and I am absolutely loving it. Having discarded all vaguely academic activities from my life and spent the day dancing hysterically to the Bee Gees and Grease Soundtrack, I have decided to avoid university altogether and become a recluse. Or an alcoholic. Either way, as long as there's Kettle chips and an iPod dock I will be content.

I was apprehensive to wear my recent charity shop find (see my previous haul) as a midi skirt, especially after becoming so accustomed to whipping the pins out at the first sight of sun; what can I say, it's just become a habit. But I must admit, a longer skirt has brought me new found freedom... the threat of flashing the local population with the first gust of wind is drastically minimised. I paired it with my teeny tiny crop top as it was weather permitted and I liked the peeping midriff. It's a subtle way of showing skin without the involvement of any bum cheeks...
I have worn these sandals to absolute death and they are approaching their third Summer of use. These bad-boys have seen the sights of Amsterdam, toured the New York Subway and even dabbled in the exotic Northumbrian shores. Hopefully they will be accompanying me to both Prague and France in the coming months.

P.s. I totally cheated an threw on a strap-top and my loafers on an expedition to the supermarket for pizza and lemonade. But this was indeed my outfit from 9am-11am!


  1. love it. jealous of the flat tum and long legs...MWAH <3

  2. you look so good:D and i love your style of writing, its so light hearted and witty :)

    rebecca x

  3. I LOVE your style.. I have been searching for a midi skirt in the chairty shops for a few weeks. I always find when you're looking for something you never find it! Maybe going to look for shoes instead (With my fingers crossed for the perfect midi skirt..) Haha.



  4. I love your style, you probably get a lot of girls telling you this in hope that you will visit their blogs, but i can honestly say i think its great! Cant wait to see more posts.


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