Monday, 21 May 2012

A Sunday Shop

1. Floral Midi Skirt
2. Floral Blouse 
3. Une Skin Glow Pencil 
4. Gold Slides 
5. Gold Brooch 
6. Sinatra Biography
7. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 
8. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach

I did it. I did not buy a single thing over the exam period other than cheap energy drinks and twirl bars. I walked past the row of charity shops at my doorstep on a daily basis. I avoided every offer which graced the windows of Superdrug, burdened with temptaiton after tempation from the Youtube and Blogger beauty worlds. But yesterday with a pocketful of cash and few inhibitions, I went crazy.
Well, a tad. Sort of... yeah, not really. It's surprisingly difficult to shop after such a rigorous spending ban - don't judge me! But nevertheless, I treated myself to a mismatch of beauty products and second hand items.

1. Supremely Grannyish, wonderfully lightweight and ideal for Spring/Summer. I am debating whether or not to shorten it to above the knee or leave it as it is - suggestions?
2. I can appreciate that this isn't the prettiest print/fabric/colour ever made but I like the washed out and ever so slightly grungy feel it has.
3. At least I can tick one item off my wishlist.
4. I thought these would look sweet with my shorter cut and a little more interesting than bog-standard bobby pins.
5. For in between the collar of a buttoned up shirt/on the pocket of one of my many denim jackets.
6. I am a woman obsessed with Sinatra's music but blissfully ignorant about the man himself. I recall watching a documentary about him at the age of 9 whilst on holiday in France and being confused and bored and desperate to watch Friends. And for the record, my favourite song is and forever will be That's Life.
7. My first ever nude lipstick: I am undecided. The texture is smooth but the colour applies patchily.
8. This silly little tube is the source of much heartbreak. When I realised that Superdrug had their deadly 3 for 2 offer on I was overcome with the need to find some Summery lip colours. I am almost certain that the combination of orange undertones and the matte finish make me look extra terrestrial. Not for me.

P.s. From 1-8, which is your favourite purchase?

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  1. items 7 and 8 are my faves, you know me, i love the idea of lipsticks even though im rarely brave enough to wear them.. ;) im excited to see the skirt and the blouse! xxxxxxx


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