Monday, 25 June 2012

Meet Quincy, my kitten

What urged me to write this post? I don't know myself. But nevertheless, here is my beautiful (pain in the arse) kitten - Quincy. This was just after one of my awkward garden OOTDs. She rolls around on her back when she wants attention and usually ends up falling off the kitchen table. 

Updates: My Lush reviews are in the pipeline - I was hoping to have them up by yesterday but I cannot explain how difficult I find reviews. I want to be concise yet thorough which seems near impossible. But there is hope! Gimme a couple more days. 

Are there any particular posts you would like to see? Please comment below. 



  1. Aw precious! I can't get any work done with my pups all up on me at the computer...but how can you say no to that precious face?! so cute!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. I know the feeling, my kitten seemed to take great pleasure in sitting on my paperwork around exam season. So naturally I would often take it as a sign to stop working!

  2. so cuuuuute. can't wait for the lush reviews - reviews are a pain in the bootay to write though, i agree. but i'm sure you will produce something amazing, informative and somehow witty all in the same post. darn you and your incredible writing skills.
    i would like to see more of everything. MWAHA ;)
    much love for you. i like leaving comments just to remind you how incredibly annoying and hyperish i can be ;)

    1. You know I love you, Mrs.

    2. Especially your exaggerated compliments about my writing;)

  3. Omg Quincy is so Purrrrty! [;

    She's adorable! My kitty is a pain in the behind too but she's my baby! I'm such a crazy cat lady ^^

  4. so cuuuteee :)


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