Sunday, 17 June 2012

Northern Soul

The beautiful Zoe
Lomography Gallery Store, Northern Quarter
Admiring the vintage shops
One of many fun places to eat 
The Pop Boutique
Downstairs, such a retro interior
Street art, snapped in the torrential rain
Floral on floral: the new double denim
"Uh Zo, that's my Zara jacket"
On Friday I hopped on a train down to Manchester and was greeted by buckets (and buckets) of rain. I was visiting a dear friend, pictured above, who moved to the city a year or so ago. My first afternoon was spent perusing the vintage shops in the Northern Quarter, rummaging through the gigantic Urban Outfitters sale and  catching up on old times. Need I mention watching Camp Rock with a hearty supply of tea in the evening? 
Day two began with a leisurely lunch at Frankie's & Benny's, followed by a trip to Chester, then back to Manc - only to be greeted by an abundance of pizza and other deliciously saturated fat. A 7 o'clock screening of Fast Girls at the local cinema was a welcome surprise, and need I mention watching Camp Rock 2 with another hearty supply of tea in the evening?
This morning was ever so slightly less enjoyable. After lounging in bed for an hour or so watching 2 Broke Girls (which is, may I add, my favourite television show of the moment) we realised that there was a train to be caught, power-walked to the tram line, endured a nail-biting tram journey, sprinted into Manchester Picadilly Station and I had no choice but to launch myself into the crowd of passengers squashed inside the carriage entrance. After a shaky forty minutes of standing... I then proceeded to, well - throw up. In the toilet. But all the same, I'm that girl. To the passengers of Carriage B, I'm forever the lass who vomited on the Transpenine Express from Manchester. I'm so Bridget Jones, it hurts.
Minus the slightly grim journey home, my extended weekend to a once unfamiliar city will be a cherished memory from my year so far.



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time and I love your jacket also looks fabulous on you! x

  2. THE ZARA JACKET!? ;) i miss zoe! lots of lovely piccitures, i look forward to hearing more about your trip! hope you feel better now babba boo, silly bridget ;) also love the new header. very muchly. love you more though.


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