Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tweetie Pie

Why does my face look so judgemental?
Photograph taken last Summer, mid-hippy stage. 
"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"
A tenuous link to the title indeed, but I joined Twitter! I have a private account but I thought it was about time I created @sarawears. 
It would be lovely to gain any followers at all from the Blogosphere seen as this is a community, and communities are supposed to communicate! Right? 
I know my current, solitary tweet is a tad half-hearted, but have faith! I will be updating you all on upcoming posts and chatting away in my usual style. 
I have the Twitter application in my right sidebar, if you avert your eyes to that side of your screen, so follow the link to my profile! 
I will, of course, follow back. 
Feel free to leave your username in the comments below.



  1. love you. already following/tweeted about you, as you already know. mwah.
    what you may not already know as youre not online on fb atm, is that ive tagged you in the summer obsessions tag that ive just posted ;) YAY for more tags :D

    1. Tags which will be completed ASAP! Woo x

  2. gorgeeeous! you look super cute not even judgmental.. !
    and omg you kitty is so cute !
    love your blog, doll!
    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

    1. You're too kind! Thank you, she is a cutie but very naughty too. x

  3. Hello sweetie, you have such a nice blog!
    There's a super GIVEAWAY going on at my blog and I just thought that you might me interested :)

    Find out more at:

  4. hey i was wondering how you got the 'like in blog lovin' button on your blog. evrytie i try to addda new gadget i never see the blog lovin option. x

    1. You have to go onto bloglovin and follow the steps to add it to your page. It's an annoying process but worth it I think! x


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