Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Peasant Dress: What Sara Wore

If I look despondent it's because I was despondent. But a girl's gotta blog.

Jacket: Topman Sale / Dress: Topshop Sale / Tights: Primark
Chelsea Boots: Faith at Debenhams / Bag: Second Hand
The weather is crap, I was having a shit hair day and I wanted a low maintenance look.
I love this dress because it's like androgyny meets flapper girl. Plus it makes me feel like a peasant sailor, which is cool.
I hate that the grey English skies are forcing me to dress in such Autumnal pieces.
Summer is supposed to be all legs and no coats.



  1. I liked those few days of sunshine a few weeks back - i agree wih all legs and no coats :(
    BUT you look lovely all the same.
    many kisses:
    Nicola <3

  2. the orphaned child look is so in ;) and I love your jacket! :D

  3. haha aw you look nothing like an orphaned child! you look so pretty i love this look :)
    and your backyard is so cute... mine is just a deck so I'm rather jealous of the grass lol

  4. Thank you all.
    Ah yes, the good old garden backdrop. I can't think of anything more inventive than standing on the patio - so this is the result! But it is rather pretty isn't it?


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