Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Summer Face

Brows | GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen in Wheat, Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit in Light
Eyes | Benefit They're Real Mascara, Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black
Skin | Maybelline New York Super Stay 24H Concealer, Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine
Cheeks | GOSH Natural Blush in Brown Dash, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 
Lips | Benefit Cha Cha Tint, Original Carmex

As the weather in England has drastically improved from dismal downpours (appreciate the alliteration) to blissful sunshine, I've switched up my make up routine to accomodate the heat.
Recently, I've been wearing concealer alone which has felt like a refreshing new lease of life for my skin! I always feel that when it comes to heavy-duty foundation or coverage, if you've got half decent skin - less is more. There is always pressure in the fashion/beauty world to adhere to a certain checklist of daily products: primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer; so on and so forth. But it's important to tailor your skincare and make up routine to your skin. So, ramble ramble, a tinted moisturiser is a good alternative for normal/dry skin types. I use a pea-sized amount of the Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine and it leaves my skin with a subtle glow, as well as protected from harmful rays and moisturised. 
Cream blushes and cheek/lip stains are ideal for the hot weather because they're low maintenance and usually long lasting. I am obsessed with the GOSH Natural Blush in Brown Dash - on application it appears quite dark but when blended into the skin it fades to a gorgeous (and not tacky) orange. Plus, that stuff does not budge. 
I have a brow tutorial in the pipeline but I am wary that the above photos do not depict a good brow day! If you're cursed with about three, blonde brow hairs like me, then you'll understand the ritual of making them look somewhat human.  

P.s. What is your Summer beauty essential?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Book Haul / Choose My Next Read

I have literally just finished the book I've been reading (a biography of Frank Sinatra's life) within the last hour and I'm already desperate to choose my next read. Despite my efforts at reading falling short in recent months, Summer always brings the promise of warm days spent in the garden with an endless flow of literature. As the weather is actually heating up in England, I plan on being a complete recluse confined to a deckchair, rocking the sunglasses over reading glasses look and feeling bloody content. 
I'm overwhelmed by the array of books I have collected recently and their various themes/genres/styles, so this is my cry for help.

1. Animal Farm - George Orwell
2. Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
3. Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell
4. American Psycho - Brett Easton Ellis (I am edging towards this but I think the subject matter could be a slight... dampener - no pun intended)
5. Whilhom - Robert Watson 
6. The Penguin Dictionary of Saints - David Attwater (This is weird, I'm aware that this is weird. I'm fascinated by theology/philosophy and the like, but this isn't an actual choice  - it's just a recent purchase. It is a dictionary after all!)
7. The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
8. Rabbit, Run - John Updike

Have you read any of these books and if so, can you make a recommendation? 
More so than ever this is the perfect opportunity to interact, so please do not hesitate to comment below with your thoughts!

P.s. What is your current Summer read?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Prague, Czech Republic in photographs / 2nd July - 6th July

An arrival greeted by thunder and lightning - Prague Castle - St. Vitus Cathedral - Pretending to be a professional photographer inside the cathedral - Beautiful stained glass - A homeless man - An open art exhibition ascended above a hilariously placed child - Czech graffiti - The Metro - Friends and I travelling to Theresienstadt concentration camp - Graves at Theresienstadt - Lunch in a town nearby - Underground - Entering Central Prague - Prague Astronomical Clock - More graffiti - Vltava - Sweltering in the 31 degree heat - Angelato's Ice Cream parlour - Delicious flavours - The craft market - Fresh fruit - Walking (or in my case staggering) to the boat cruise - A view of Kafka Museum from the boat - Wenceslas Square - Quiet streets and vintage cars 

I wanted to document my adventures in photographs and words but I couldn't dilute my ramblings enough to make a coherent blog post. But for those of you who voted - I hope you enjoyed Prague, in photographs. 

P.s. Please continue to vote as there's currently a tie between two possible posts. Have you been/are you going anywhere this Summer? 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Have Your Say: What Would You Like to See Next on SaraWears?

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Prague in Photographs
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Monday, 16 July 2012

Boho Days: What Sara Wore

Tee: Vintage / Skinny Jeans: Primark / Bag: Forever21 / Sandals: Topshop

Undoubtedly my worst outfit post title to date. But I didn't have much to work with! There isn't a lot to this outfit, which I why I wanted to include it on my blog. It was the result of a laundry wipe-out - my favourite pieces were all in the wash after Prague and I had to rummage around in the back of my wardrobe to salvage something reasonable. Black skinny jeans are such a staple item and a great basis for a simple outfit. 
And these sandals. These sandals. They're overpriced, blistering little shits, but oh so pretty. I prefer a convincing Jesus sandal to gladiators any day. 

P.s. Yes, ANOTHER blog revamp. I just can't help myself. Personality flaw: never 100% happy. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My, my, my, Sephora / Haul (& a hearty update)

Why, why, why, Sephora!?
Yes. This happened. Apparently, when in Prague... go ballistic for cosmetics?

1. They're Real! mascara by Benefit - A repurchase (gulp). Big steps for a high end make up novice like myself!
2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella - The name says it all. Cruella Deville is my kind of fictional character - all monochrome and evil. Although I'm more of a faux fur kinda lass. So, wintery weather welcomes (mouthful) a beauty favourite of mine: the vampy lip, and this formula is creamy enough to avoid the unwanted heaviness of lipstick in hotter months. And Holy guacamole, I own something from NARS.
3. Cha Cha tint by Benefit - Just crossing another item off my beauty wishlist!

I keep making a double take at my dressing table to confirm that I actually own such beautiful things. Despite ridiculous EU tax, the purchases worked out a tad cheaper than they would have been in England. Plus the eye shadow and perfume sample were freebies! Taupe is my favourite subtle lid colour and I'm actually considering investing in a full size bottle of Si Lolita, even if it does remind me a little too much of Vladimir Nabokov. 

Now, onto the rambles.

Pardon my french but I am a shitty disorganised wreck. 
After returning from Prague, I had a very productive week planned: 
  • Write an ethics essay
  • Organise my room (it's a multiple day job) 
  • Blog my enormous arse off
  • Read like there's no tomorrow
  • Socialise (excluding my kitten/Mother/best friend who lives two doors away)
I have, instead, achieved the following: 
  • Watched Lady & the Tramp multiple times on YouTube
  • Watched every episode of Arthur on iPlayer
  • Watched virtually every episode of Man Vs Food
  • Seen Spiderman (this is a justified use of my time, because Andrew Garfield is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon)
  • Moped around
  • Slept in to an unhealthy hour
  • Avoided unpacking my suitcase
  • Eaten my bodyweight in Kinder chocolate
  • Rewatched American Beauty for the hundredth (quite literally) time
  • Felt guilty about the lack of writing
  • Felt guilty about the lack of reading
  • Felt guilty about the lack of general movement 
  • Moped around a little more 
Now I suppose I've technically achieved more... proportionately. Although nothing of much worth! I just don't particularly enjoy doing nothing. But when I decide to be lazy, I commit. I'm talking JOEY style. I watch television. I eat. I feel sad. It's constant. 
Call me crazy, but I the miss deadlines, college, early mornings. Hell, I miss stationery and scheduling my life. I've been going so insane - I considered starting a female fight club...
When I'm like this, writing is the one thing I cannot do. Good writing, that is. Writing that makes sense.
However, this post should mark a turning point, back in the direction of Blogger. I'm sure none of you have missed me, but I'll be back all guns blazing! Once I've finished catching up on my YouTube subscriptions...

P.s. What would you like to see - i.e. any particular reviews? 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cheap Tricks: Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash

Yet another post from my mini 'cheap tricks' segment. This time, it's skincare. I can't say I've really delved into this complicated world, but it's worth a try right!?

The Basics:
- Retailing at £2.99 for 150ml you certainly get your money's worth.
- As a cream based face wash, only a small dollop is required to produce the desired lather.
- It is oil-free and therefore suitable for daily use. I have very dry skin with an oily t-zone and I find that my pores get clogged up, which can produce spots. This really opens up the pores and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
- The wash contains menthol which gives a tingling sensation that could irritate extremely sensitive skin, but for most it will just reaffirm the cleansing process.
- Overall, the skin is left soft, awake and spic and span.

P.s. Line breaks are slowly killing me inside. Darn you, blogger! Is anybody else having the same problem?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cheap Tricks: VO5 Miracle Concentrate

Okay, you've caught me. If my hair looks a little long and unfamiliar in the above photo, it's because it was taken before exam season. I've been letting a few of these 'Cheap Tricks' posts collect dust in my drafts for a while and as I'm out of the country, I thought it was appropriate timing to resurrect them.  
On with the review, and yes, I am well and truly on the VO5 bandwagon. Most of my purchases are in some way influenced by the beauty blogging and YouTubing communities, so sue me if I sound like a broken record!

The Basics:
- This retails at around £4.99 for 50ml, and being a dedicated cheap-skate I waited with bated breath until I saw glorious "half price" signs in Superdrug. In retrospect, (gulp...) I would now pay the full price.
- A little goes a very long way, and about two drops of product will cover mid-length hair.
- You are left with soft, shiny, sleek and healthier looking locks.
- Is there any long-term improvements to the quality of your hair? I am far from a hair expert, so I couldn't possibly say. But if you fancy a definite quick fix, I recommend you invest!

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P.s. Whatever you do, do NOT spill this on a wooden surface. My kitten knocked the lot over and turned my wooden bedroom floor into an ice rink. 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Come Fly With Me

Firstly, in approximately three hours, I will (fingers crossed) be on a plane, flying to Prague. I'm trying to contain my excitement but all I want to do is dance like a maniac. I'm not even confident I've packed everything I need, but who the heck cares. I'm going to the Czech Republic!
Secondly, I will be returning on Friday with an array of photographs. Expect an abundance of posts!
Thirdly, I have scheduled some posts to go live within the week (real professional) but don't expect my usual trillion word rambles, they're both short and sweet reviews.
Fourthly and finally - I hit 50 followers! Albeit a small achievement in the Blogosphere, but you know what they say... one small step for Sara, one giant leap for... Blogger? Yeah, that makes no sense. But thank you all so very much. 


Sunday, 1 July 2012

LUSH Lip Scrub & Solid Perfume: Reviewed

Gorilla Solid Perfume in Tuca Tuca / Mint Julip Lip Scrub / Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion 

I featured some pictures of my recent (and first ever) Lush buys and thought I may as well try my hand at a bit of reviewing, as they did drum up some interest. Here goes nothing...

Product: Gorilla Solid Perfume in Tuca Tuca
Price: £5.50
Rating: 4/5

The uniquely named perfume range is, as I gather, a relatively new addition to Lush. Gorilla perfume has been highly credited by experts and customers and to sum up the general response: "If I ran the world, this is how fragrance would work: all the money spent on the juice, the bottle a mere afterthought, not the sad, common reverse." Tania Sanchez in Perfumes, The A to Z Guide.
I had seen a review or two on the scents (floating around the blogosphere) but my actual purchase was purely on impulse. I smelt the selection of solid perfume sticks, and Tuca Tuca was my final choice. 
As perfume is amongst the most difficult beauty products to describe, I've resorted to having a snoop around the Lush site and this is their given summary: 'This vivacious, sensual, sweet and flirty fragrance of violet and vanilla is sure to turn heads whenever you wear it.' 
I was chased around the shop by a very friendly Lush employee, who was keen to tell me the Tuca Tuca back-story. Supposedly, Tuca Tuca is an Italian dance similar to the Macarena but with a little more... contact. I cringe at the thought of it, with all due respect, so click here for a demonstration courtesy of Lush. I think the top rated comments say it all... 
So as the story goes, the very friendly Lush employee was keen to emphasise the 'contact' theme, as if one application would have strangers dropping to the floor and touching me inappropriately. I've experienced Tiger Tiger on a Tuesday night, thank you very much.
Back to the details. The solid perfume lasts a few hours and is strong but not overwhelming. It's recommended that you apply it to the wrists and dĂ©colletage. You can even apply the stick to the ends of your hair as a conditioning treatment or just for a whiff of freshness, but I'm yet to try this. Could be a clever festival trick?

Product: Mint Julip Lip Scrub
Price: £4.95
Rating: 4/5

I should be able to knock up a more concise review for this product. It's an exfoliating treatment, perfect for those of you who frequently wear lipstick, especially mattes, that can leave your lips dry and chapped. Just apply a few grains to the lips before a bit of a balm and voilĂ , smooth smackers. (Smackers is such a weird word, I want to take it back...)
Making another enthusiastic appearance, the very friendly Lush employee offered up another amusing anecdote. A woman had recently visited the store and purchased the chocolate sugar scrub, but showed up a day later to buy another tub. She'd subconsciously eaten the lot on a spontaneous cinema trip and needed to stock up! Okay, it's not that amusing, but we can't all have the comedic stylings of a Lush employee.

As for the charity pot - hey, the guardian reader in me can't say no to charity. It's a fairly measly size but moisturising nevertheless. 

P.s. Note the sarcasm throughout.