Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cheap Tricks: VO5 Miracle Concentrate

Okay, you've caught me. If my hair looks a little long and unfamiliar in the above photo, it's because it was taken before exam season. I've been letting a few of these 'Cheap Tricks' posts collect dust in my drafts for a while and as I'm out of the country, I thought it was appropriate timing to resurrect them.  
On with the review, and yes, I am well and truly on the VO5 bandwagon. Most of my purchases are in some way influenced by the beauty blogging and YouTubing communities, so sue me if I sound like a broken record!

The Basics:
- This retails at around £4.99 for 50ml, and being a dedicated cheap-skate I waited with bated breath until I saw glorious "half price" signs in Superdrug. In retrospect, (gulp...) I would now pay the full price.
- A little goes a very long way, and about two drops of product will cover mid-length hair.
- You are left with soft, shiny, sleek and healthier looking locks.
- Is there any long-term improvements to the quality of your hair? I am far from a hair expert, so I couldn't possibly say. But if you fancy a definite quick fix, I recommend you invest!

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P.s. Whatever you do, do NOT spill this on a wooden surface. My kitten knocked the lot over and turned my wooden bedroom floor into an ice rink. 


  1. might have to try this! but i will deffos wait for the half price signs ;) xxx

  2. I've tried their miracle mist.. Now I must try this lol

  3. I use Aargan oil! It's pretty good! =)


  4. lovely, your hair looks really nice <3
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. I've had a look at your blog - followed almost instantly!
      And thank you x


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