Monday, 2 July 2012

Come Fly With Me

Firstly, in approximately three hours, I will (fingers crossed) be on a plane, flying to Prague. I'm trying to contain my excitement but all I want to do is dance like a maniac. I'm not even confident I've packed everything I need, but who the heck cares. I'm going to the Czech Republic!
Secondly, I will be returning on Friday with an array of photographs. Expect an abundance of posts!
Thirdly, I have scheduled some posts to go live within the week (real professional) but don't expect my usual trillion word rambles, they're both short and sweet reviews.
Fourthly and finally - I hit 50 followers! Albeit a small achievement in the Blogosphere, but you know what they say... one small step for Sara, one giant leap for... Blogger? Yeah, that makes no sense. But thank you all so very much. 


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  1. TAKE ME WITH YOU. i miss you already. looking forward to the scheduled posts and then the photoosss :D xxxxxx


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