Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Have Your Say: What Would You Like to See Next on SaraWears?

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Brow How To / Fair Brows to Full Brows
Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen: My First Book Review
Prague in Photographs
Summer Beauty Review / (tbc)
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  1. Prague in pictures please! I have always wanted to go there, I've heard its so pretty. Is something a bit different too, I got a pretty good response when I posted a few snaps of my holiday :) x

  2. It's done! Absolutely beautiful place, like nowhere I've ever been. I love visiting new cities and I've had the opportunity to travel to Berlin and New York last year, and Prague this year. I feel extremely blessed!

    1. That is so cool, how was Berlin? Fab pics btw! I've done New York too, but I always enjoy the history and arcitecture of european cities more :) x

    2. Gorgeous, but I went in February 2011 and it's probably the coldest climate I've experienced to date! Faux fur coats and multiple pairs of socks under jeans simply would not suffice.
      European architecture is breathtaking but I truly left my heart in New York! Desperate for any opportunity to go back but will have to wait until I can fund it myself. The trials of being a skint teenager!
      Thank you:)

  3. For the record: something has gone terribly wrong with the poll background, black and white Tim Burton-esque ghosts were not my first choice...


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