Sunday, 1 July 2012

LUSH Lip Scrub & Solid Perfume: Reviewed

Gorilla Solid Perfume in Tuca Tuca / Mint Julip Lip Scrub / Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion 

I featured some pictures of my recent (and first ever) Lush buys and thought I may as well try my hand at a bit of reviewing, as they did drum up some interest. Here goes nothing...

Product: Gorilla Solid Perfume in Tuca Tuca
Price: £5.50
Rating: 4/5

The uniquely named perfume range is, as I gather, a relatively new addition to Lush. Gorilla perfume has been highly credited by experts and customers and to sum up the general response: "If I ran the world, this is how fragrance would work: all the money spent on the juice, the bottle a mere afterthought, not the sad, common reverse." Tania Sanchez in Perfumes, The A to Z Guide.
I had seen a review or two on the scents (floating around the blogosphere) but my actual purchase was purely on impulse. I smelt the selection of solid perfume sticks, and Tuca Tuca was my final choice. 
As perfume is amongst the most difficult beauty products to describe, I've resorted to having a snoop around the Lush site and this is their given summary: 'This vivacious, sensual, sweet and flirty fragrance of violet and vanilla is sure to turn heads whenever you wear it.' 
I was chased around the shop by a very friendly Lush employee, who was keen to tell me the Tuca Tuca back-story. Supposedly, Tuca Tuca is an Italian dance similar to the Macarena but with a little more... contact. I cringe at the thought of it, with all due respect, so click here for a demonstration courtesy of Lush. I think the top rated comments say it all... 
So as the story goes, the very friendly Lush employee was keen to emphasise the 'contact' theme, as if one application would have strangers dropping to the floor and touching me inappropriately. I've experienced Tiger Tiger on a Tuesday night, thank you very much.
Back to the details. The solid perfume lasts a few hours and is strong but not overwhelming. It's recommended that you apply it to the wrists and décolletage. You can even apply the stick to the ends of your hair as a conditioning treatment or just for a whiff of freshness, but I'm yet to try this. Could be a clever festival trick?

Product: Mint Julip Lip Scrub
Price: £4.95
Rating: 4/5

I should be able to knock up a more concise review for this product. It's an exfoliating treatment, perfect for those of you who frequently wear lipstick, especially mattes, that can leave your lips dry and chapped. Just apply a few grains to the lips before a bit of a balm and voilà, smooth smackers. (Smackers is such a weird word, I want to take it back...)
Making another enthusiastic appearance, the very friendly Lush employee offered up another amusing anecdote. A woman had recently visited the store and purchased the chocolate sugar scrub, but showed up a day later to buy another tub. She'd subconsciously eaten the lot on a spontaneous cinema trip and needed to stock up! Okay, it's not that amusing, but we can't all have the comedic stylings of a Lush employee.

As for the charity pot - hey, the guardian reader in me can't say no to charity. It's a fairly measly size but moisturising nevertheless. 

P.s. Note the sarcasm throughout.


  1. I waaaaaaaaant!! Ahh Lush!

    1. I think I've fallen for LUSH a little:)

  2. Your reviews are a delight to read and make me add more to my Wish list! I may have to have a look in Lush more...
    Georgia X

  3. i realllly need to visit lush sometime soon. this is a great review, you're an annoyingly good writer. but i love you anyway. mwah xxxxxxxxx


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