Sunday, 15 July 2012

My, my, my, Sephora / Haul (& a hearty update)

Why, why, why, Sephora!?
Yes. This happened. Apparently, when in Prague... go ballistic for cosmetics?

1. They're Real! mascara by Benefit - A repurchase (gulp). Big steps for a high end make up novice like myself!
2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella - The name says it all. Cruella Deville is my kind of fictional character - all monochrome and evil. Although I'm more of a faux fur kinda lass. So, wintery weather welcomes (mouthful) a beauty favourite of mine: the vampy lip, and this formula is creamy enough to avoid the unwanted heaviness of lipstick in hotter months. And Holy guacamole, I own something from NARS.
3. Cha Cha tint by Benefit - Just crossing another item off my beauty wishlist!

I keep making a double take at my dressing table to confirm that I actually own such beautiful things. Despite ridiculous EU tax, the purchases worked out a tad cheaper than they would have been in England. Plus the eye shadow and perfume sample were freebies! Taupe is my favourite subtle lid colour and I'm actually considering investing in a full size bottle of Si Lolita, even if it does remind me a little too much of Vladimir Nabokov. 

Now, onto the rambles.

Pardon my french but I am a shitty disorganised wreck. 
After returning from Prague, I had a very productive week planned: 
  • Write an ethics essay
  • Organise my room (it's a multiple day job) 
  • Blog my enormous arse off
  • Read like there's no tomorrow
  • Socialise (excluding my kitten/Mother/best friend who lives two doors away)
I have, instead, achieved the following: 
  • Watched Lady & the Tramp multiple times on YouTube
  • Watched every episode of Arthur on iPlayer
  • Watched virtually every episode of Man Vs Food
  • Seen Spiderman (this is a justified use of my time, because Andrew Garfield is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon)
  • Moped around
  • Slept in to an unhealthy hour
  • Avoided unpacking my suitcase
  • Eaten my bodyweight in Kinder chocolate
  • Rewatched American Beauty for the hundredth (quite literally) time
  • Felt guilty about the lack of writing
  • Felt guilty about the lack of reading
  • Felt guilty about the lack of general movement 
  • Moped around a little more 
Now I suppose I've technically achieved more... proportionately. Although nothing of much worth! I just don't particularly enjoy doing nothing. But when I decide to be lazy, I commit. I'm talking JOEY style. I watch television. I eat. I feel sad. It's constant. 
Call me crazy, but I the miss deadlines, college, early mornings. Hell, I miss stationery and scheduling my life. I've been going so insane - I considered starting a female fight club...
When I'm like this, writing is the one thing I cannot do. Good writing, that is. Writing that makes sense.
However, this post should mark a turning point, back in the direction of Blogger. I'm sure none of you have missed me, but I'll be back all guns blazing! Once I've finished catching up on my YouTube subscriptions...

P.s. What would you like to see - i.e. any particular reviews? 


  1. I just had a two week holiday and did very similar things to those you listed above. I achieved hardly anything i set out to do and now am back at school trying to make my way through a crazy amount of work i neglected to do :/
    Reading you post was a lovely break from my English essay. I am glad your back and look forward to reading future posts.

    1. I think it's the norm for us teenagers! Don't beat yourself up anyway, I guess we all deserve a bit of lazy time.
      Thank you - as an English student I can understand the need for breaks...
      Well let's hope my motivation sticks!

  2. ive missed you. still am actually. :P
    really fancy watching arthur now...and am craving some kinder chocolate..
    glad youre back :) xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Omg Arthur! I haven't watched that in do mean the cartoon show right?? But look at that haul! Def wanna try the benefit they're real mascara and that Nars lip pencil! (:


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