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My Summer Obsessions (and an overdue apology)

Hello blogger!
I have been in France for the last fortnight (internetless) and, being my silly old self, I forgot to pre-publish the gazillion posts I have lying around in my drafts. 
I can't lie - I feel slightly out of my element after such a long absence without even a thought spared for writing! I know, I'm a disgrace. But hopefully the writer's block will subside and I can squeeze a few posts in before September rolls around! I go festivalling this Wednesday and it's my birthday the following week so it will be a busy few days, but I'll have some posts organised for when I'm away.

So, onto the post! Thanks to itsneecola for tagging me (check out her wonderful blog here) and Louise and Zoe for creating the tag. 

Which product, fragrance, website, read and YouTuber are you obsessing over this Summer?

1. Beauty product: Cream blushes. 
I am going mad for the things! My favourites are Head Over Heels by Topshop and Pinched by Revlon. The consistency of a cream blush is perfect for Summer when, regardless of the temperature (a measly 17°c here in England) you want a subtle, light flush to the cheeks. I desperately want to try Dainty Doll's Orange County Girl Blush after seeing it featured on Lily Pebbles' blog. The combination of coral with gold flecks reminds me of NARS Orgasm, another product on my wishlist... (must operate some self control)

2. Fragrance: Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Fragrance. 
A body spray is a good alternative to perfume because the more watery base offers a cooling sensation, whilst deodorising, and you don't need to use it as sparingly! If you like that signature Soap & Glory scent then I recommend the spray which retails at around £6.50 (but is often on offer).

3. Website: eBay.
Always eBay - I've ordered copies of Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell for a refreshing £4.12 in total. The best advice I can offer an avid reader is to buy second hand, be it in a thrift store, charity shop or online. It's cheap and I think the dog-eared effect to a book gives it character, but maybe that's just me. I like to know that somebody, or multiple others have turned the same pages as I am about to, and formed their own opinion on the words. Maybe the book changed their life, or they just wanted rid of it. Either way, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 
My Dad keeps all his books in mint condition but he always invests in hardbacks so I can understand his mentality. I guess we're a family that cares about aesthetics.

4. Read: Frank Sinatra, My Father by Nancy Sinatra
If you saw my Reading List post, you might be expecting me to have finished a fair few books by now... I'm afraid this isn't the case. I had a bit of a reading lull, but I'm enjoying books again. I recently read Frank Sinatra, My Father by Nancy Sinatra. Sinatra is my icon and it is the only authorised biography of his life, as well as the most personal. (Who could paint a truer picture of the man than his own flesh and blood?) I love biographies because I can lose myself in someone else's life and know that it's not fiction. But the beauty (or downfall) of a biography is that you can pick it up after weeks of neglect and it won't matter - to choose a year or period of a time in someone's life is completely different in non fiction because you often don't need the background knowledge to understand or enjoy where you begin. A.k.a. Biographies are good for us lazy readers. 

5. YouTuber: (I narrowed it down to five out of my 247 subscriptions!)
sunbeamsjess - Incredible sense of style and plenty of LookBooks to pore over!
essiebutton - An established blogger/YouTuber with the best sense of humour.
livcakes - A witty, blunt American teen that'll have you in stitches. Plus she's gorgeous. 
FayeWonderland - A recent discovery of mine, she's just so sweet and watchable. 
sayno2coolness - Hair and clothes to die for - prepare for the green monster. 

I suggest you watch all of the above ladies if you're a fan of fashion/beauty videos because they are guaranteed to more than satisfy your cravings. 
I tag everyone, but if any of you lovely readers do post the tag please comment with a link below, I'd love to read about your Summer Obsessions.

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  1. woo! SO glad you're back. like really. i looove my soap and glory body spray, and might have to borrow your cream blushes from time to time ;)


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