Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A TOPSHOP Wishlist & Birthday Babble

Most of you will be unaware that I celebrated my 17th birthday this August. I'm a little one in my academic year so it always feels like such a wait until August peeks its head around, but I suppose there are some perks...

1. The lateness can bode well for an introvert like me because there's less of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU SHOULD BE SCREAMING-ness. It's not really my style... I mean, the thought of a birthday on a school day fills me with dread. Not only are you bound to a schedule but (very lovely, kind-hearted) crazy friends like to throw you into the spotlight. I must sound like a moany old bore, but I like my creature comforts.
2. I stopped having what I would call 'proper birthday parties' aged 10 or so because I always seemed to spend more time keeping everyone else happy than enjoying myself. I'm plagued with the good hostess gene.
3. In my memory, it has always rained on my birthday. Until 3 years ago, I travelled to my Granny's bungalow for the day in the North-East every single year, where it was certainly bound to rain. Now, unlike so many of the population, I love rain. I may have mentioned it before, but I just find there is nothing more comforting than the rain. I have a loft bedroom so the easiest way I drop off is to the sound of rain hammering against the sky-lights. When I was little, I used to walk home from school with my best friend in a torrential downpour, coat-less (unadvisable) until we were both soaked to the skin. Eccentric, I know, but the beauty of coming home, peeling off a sopping uniform and changing into fresh pyjamas, followed by an evening of hot chocolate and children's television in front of the fire is incomparable. So there you have it folks, risking pneumonia is worth it for the short-term rewards.
4. It's a bloody lovely end to Summer.
5. It gives me some spending money for the coming academic year.

Most of this year's birthday cash will be put towards driving lessons but I'm hoping to spare a few quid for those beautiful Topshop leggings.

P.s. When is your birthday?


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I love the topshop leggings too, I'm a sucker for anything velvet.

    1. I did thank you, it was just what I needed! Ditto.

  2. I've always hated having my birthday made a big deal of, too. A few friends doing something fairly self-explanitory (roller skater, drinking, whatevs) is fine, but I hate being sung to and I hate that perfect strangers feel an obligation to wish you a happy birthday when they find out it is your birthday. It's slightly embarassing. (Pssst...happy late birthday... :D)


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