Monday, 17 September 2012

Dogtooth & Denim: What Sara Wore

Hope that pure editing magic is appreciated...
Leotard: Primark / Mini skirt: Miss Selfridge / 
Jacket: Festival Oxfam / Shoes: Charity Shop / Necklace: Primark 

Greetings, bloggers. I had a revelation yesterday that I do, in fact, want to write again. I can hear lands afar celebrating. So I thought I'd hit you all in the face with an outfit post. 
I have been over-simplifying my outfits on purpose recently and I've decided my Autumn look is - good riddance to oversized, overdone clothing and hello to fitted, flattering pieces. 
I am guilty of being a chuck on that Granddad jumper and pretend it's for fashion rather than comfort kinda gal and I'm not trying to discourage anyone from that style, I just don't execute it very well. 
I'm adoring mini skirts, whether they're a-line or bodycon, they help to elongate the look of my already rather giraffey legs and accentuate my waist.
I am obsessed with these pumps despite the 1 inch heel bringing my height to about 5'10". I actually enjoy the formality a slight heel brings to my outfits.
Leotards are ideal if you have a petite torso like me that can get lost in looser tops, as they have the credentials of a basic vest (simple, fitted, comfortable) but come in more interesting styles. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and scooped back on this Primark leotard as it adds a very delicate and feminine touch to the outfit.



  1. Love this outfit, you always look gorgeous I want your figure plus your height I'm only 5" (sigh)...
    P.S. Glad you're blogging again, I missed it x

    1. It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when the entire opposite sex seem to be shorter than me... but it is fun to walk into a room in heels and 6' whilst everyone stares. You feel verrry powerful.
      Thanks, as did I!

  2. Love this outfit! I too am a bit of a sucker for mini skirts. And I completely agree - your shoes are really lovely!

    1. I'm going mini skirt mad! Thank you Anna


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