Friday, 21 September 2012

The A/W Coat Shortlist

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Today I thought I would post something different. I don't often do fashion inspiration posts because my only source of knowledge is Vogue and Elle. Now, they might seem like the prime spot for current trends, which they are - but they simply can't be for a tight-pocketed teen like myself. I don't let myself become too infatuated with the endless editorials and stunning photography because I wouldn't sleep for dreaming of Zadig & Voltaire, Burberry and Russel & Bromley... it's too unhealthy a mindset. So I leave the glossy magazines in my wonderland and return to the real world; a world in which my bank account contains under ten pounds. 
So, left to my devices, I ventured into some online browsing (still unhealthy) and selected the above coats as my relatively affordable Autumn style choices.
As you can plainly see, I'm all for tailoring and the 'boyfriend' look. The ohso 80s drop waist, sloping shoulders and double breasted detailing just hit the spot.
My chosen favourite would have to be no.5 - it has the look of a boyfriend coat (which I have already, see my previous post) but Topshop have coined it a 'coatigan'! I couldn't ask for anything more.

P.s. Are you investing in a new coat this A/W?


  1. I vote for the Mango coat! I think I'll be going with faux fur...

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Love the 'boyfriend' style of jackets especially the ones you have picked out. I have also sent you an e-mail about being featured on my blog.
    P.S. I love parkas for A/W

  3. Awesome coats! My favourite is the Beige Zara one! so classic and versatile :)

    If you like, checked out my latest outfit post? <3

    Jess xo

  4. I love the 2nd! Really need to start looking for a winter coat its getting too cold!! xo

  5. These are such lovely coats! Right now I'm into blazers.

  6. Totally heart the 5th coat....beautiful and I soooo want. I am a new follower. Come by and visit :)


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