Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nailed It: Revlon's Autumn Berry

Revlon Nail Polish in 480 Autumn Berry
As some of you may know, I've been growing my nails for the past few weeks. You must be sick to death of hearing about it, but you just don't understand... glancing at your fingers only to find bitten, sore and quite frankly repulsive fingernails for seventeen years is an emotional rollercoaster! Okay, I'm exaggerating. But it's such a treat to be greeted with something a little easier on the eyes. They aren't perfect, they're still short and in terms of nailcare I'm virtually clueless - but I'm enjoying the effect nail polish can add to an overall look.
So, after that preamble - onto the colour! I picked this bottle up from a discount cosmetics store for £1.99 but you can find it on eBay if you've fallen for it too. It's Autumnal with a subtle sheen that makes the nail-painting skills of an amateur like me look vaguely impressive. It also encompasses another of my favourite trends - vampy shades.



  1. WOOOO our nails are growing!! i dont think you were exaggerating tbh, i felt the same! mine were naasty. now we can swap nail tips and varnishes and everything!! *insert my girly squeal here*
    luvs ya. xxxxxx

  2. What a gorgeous shade for fall! Revlon makes great polishes :)



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