Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Colour Blocking: What Sara Wore

 Coat: Louche / Bag: Hand-me-down / Jumper: Primark / 
Velvet Pencil Skirt: eBay / Boots: Topshop / Hoop Earrings: Claire's Accessories  

The secret's out: I am an amateur hula-hooper. 
It's been a long time since I posted an OOTD. The days are getting shorter and the light fades by 4pm which gives me a very narrow window for photographs. Plus, if I do get the chance I'm either in a onesie or the heaven's open... end of excuses. 
Although this post revolves around the jumper, I have to start with my boots. They're Topshop's Acton Clean Buckle Boots and an appropriate preprocessor to my beloved Chelsea Boots. There's the two inch heel to contend with (making me about 5'11") which is highly impractical on icy pavements, but they're worth every stumble! 
The jumper is one of a collection I recently accumulated from Primark. It was under a tenner, is surprisingly good quality and extremely cosy. Plus the red is Autumnal and festive.
Pencil skirts are my current obsession as they're long enough to provide a warm layer and figure flattering - even on smaller frames like my own. You don't need to be a Marilyn to pull off a pencil skirt, ladies!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains: Reviewed

Shade: Romantic

Well, first things first - this is macro gone mad. I appear to have a delicate moustache framing my mouth. I can assure you my face is extremely hair-free, but HQ photographs manage to find flaws where you least expect them... 

Uncomfortable introduction over and onto the rave review!
I bought a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain when they were first released in the UK and special offers were emblazoned above every Revlon stand. I chose the shade Romantic because I was yet to hear reviews about it and it seemed like a pretty pop of colour for the Summer. That, it is. 

I would dare to call this shade flexible for warm and cool skin tones because it contrasts with a tan and adds a Snow White effect to porcelain skin.

The balm stains retail for around £7.99 which I think is quite reasonable for such a multi-dimensional product. If you consider the cost of a long wearing lip stain and a thoroughly moisturising lip balm, you're saving yourself some pennies!

Romantic is glossy and hydrating but steers clear of that sticky lip gloss feel. It doesn't dry up the lips and demand reapplication every hour, which makes it ideal for long, lazy days.

The colour does not budge, but like any kind of balm a quick dab doesn't go a miss every three hours or so.

Smell (!?)
I know some #bbloggers have found the stains give off a less than desirable aroma, but unless you have a very sensitive nose I can't say the smell is a deciding factor. They smell a tad plastic-y but the scent disappears almost instantly.

Overall? 8/10
Click here for my vampy lip picks!

P.s. Have you tried any of the balm stains? Let me know in the comments - I will reply!

Autumn/Winter Lip Picks @ thelovecatsinc

If you're not following me on Twitter, or in the very unlikely situation that you aren't an avid reader of Helen's blog thelovecatsinc, then you might be unaware of my recent guest post.
The photos above are just a sneak peek at my favourite seasonal lip products. As you can see, I've short listed five stunning shades that your lips deserve to be adorned with this Autumn/Winter and thrown in some thorough reviews to boot!
I would like to welcome my five most recent followers, all of which I am sure are as a result of Helen kindly featuring me in her guest post series. You're lovely people, each and every one of you 85!
I cannot express my gratitude to Helen, and anybody who has even bothered to write a kind word or two on the post. I have a permanent grin stretched across my face. 

P.s. I have some posts in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn Cheeks

Collection 2000 Mosaic Shimmering Glow Powder/
GOSH Cream Blush in Brown Dash/Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba
You could be deceived by the above swatches into thinking this is a post better suited to the warmer seasons. Well, I think warmer tones can be versatile enough for the winter months too.
Take Collection 2000's Mosaic Shimmering Glow Powder. I bought this on a whim around two years ago and I'm on my second pan! I know there's nothing more irritating than describing a product with a word in its title, but Collection 2000 hit the nail on the head - this powder creates a beautiful, buildable glow. Cooler skin tones can opt for the Snow White-esque reds or the dramatic pinks when the cold strikes, but for my complexion (which does dull in the latter part of the year) a highlighter/bronzer combo offers my skin a new lease of life. The Mosaic Glow Powder gives a healthy sheen to the face that doesn't overpower paler skin and leave you feeling like an Essex reject.
GOSH's Cream Blush is thick and tough to blend, but it stays for a good few hours. Don't be dissuaded by the name - this blush is a brown tone but it isn't like rubbing foundation ten shades darker than your colouring onto your cheeks. As a cream blush, it doesn't cling to dry skin and can be blended onto the cheekbones for a more defined look. It is a definite alternative to the aforementioned Snow White colours!
Lastly, something I'm sure you're all sick to death of hearing about (I can sense the resounding sigh), it's the Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba! Again, peach is a colour better associated with the Summer, but as this blush is pigmented yet subtle, it simply adds a natural looking tone. Check out my previous post for a slightly more articulate description.

P.s. I apologise for the disjointedness... I feel like bambi on the ice writing again! 
P.p.s. I apologise for all the Disney references. Christmas makes me nostalgic.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Everyday Makeup: Autumn Edition

Hello strangers! It feels like a lifetime since I last posted, and enough has happened in the past few weeks to last me for one. I thought I'd ease myself back into the blogosphere with an everyday make up post - my first ever on SaraWears
The season is crucial to my make up choices as Summer tends to be lippy free and Winter brings lashings of blush, (as if I need the rosy flush with the Weather England has been churning out recently) and I love Autumn because it provides the opportunity to experiment with interesting eyeshadows and lip colours. Now, I know what you're thinking - minimal is not the word for my chosen everyday products, but that is where my new Autumn series makes a swift entrance. I have three current drafts about my favourite Autumn lips, eyes and face products ready to be unleashed! 
As for the basics pictured above, Olay Everyday Sunshine Tinted Moisturiser refreshes my skin before facing the cold temperatures every morning, Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer covers any redness or dark circles which have arisen due to the stresses of college life, Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba gives a subtle and healthy glow to my cheeks, my Benefit Brow Kit adds a defined base for my brows, over which I apply my GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen in Wheat, followed by a dash of Burt's Bees lip balm and a lick of Benefit They're Real! mascara to tie the look together. Excuse the abnormally long sentence...
So, to conclude: I will featuring my favourite products, including some of the above, with in depth reviews and swatches to boot. Does that sound like an adequate return to Blogger? I hope so, I've missed this.